Why Men Are So Hard on Themselves(with Luke Adler)

Evolutionary Men
Evolutionary Men
Why Men Are So Hard on Themselves(with Luke Adler)

In this episode, my co-host Luke Adler and I talk about why us men can be so hard on themselves. We delve into the roots of this harshness and scrutinize its impact on overall health and happiness. Drawing from personal experiences and knowledge gained from our work with men, we provide viable strategies to navigate through the maze of self-criticism and work towards a healthier self-perception. We talk about the strength that lies in vulnerability and the transformative magic of shadow work, and how truly healing a powerful group can be.

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[00:00:38] Being hard on ourselves.
[00:03:26] Men’s culture and criticism.
[00:08:14] Self-deprecation and its impacts.
[00:10:49] Our slow-to-update self-concept.
[00:15:41] The importance of group continuity.
[00:19:57] Celebrating vulnerability and self-deprecation.
[00:22:32] The power of vulnerability.
[00:25:31] Feedback and self-talk.
[00:27:50] Fear of being a failure.
[00:31:35] Rewiring the inner critic.
[00:38:07] Healing the inner critic.


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