Pillars of Presence

Learn to Lead in Life & Love

16 Week Life & Relationship Reboot for Men.

Whether single or already committed, we help men create amazing relationships.


Step Into You

Pillars of Presence is a 16 week online intensive that will transform how you relate to yourself, and women forever.

 This isn’t about cheesy pickup lines, when-to-text strategies, or even how to be more “confident”.

It’s about becoming the deepest and most powerful version of YOU.

Find Your Fierce Masculine Heart

Leap past the macho caveman AND the nice guy pushover to embrace your fierce loving masculine heart and magnetize relationships of meaning and depth into your life.

Grow with your tribe

The days of the lone wolf are over. Too many men try to push through life ALONE.

Exponentially accelerate your transformation with the support and challenge of a tribe of men all rising together.

We’ve worked with leaders from across the spectrum, Tesla, Nasa, the military, hospitals, pilots, and so much more.


Magnetize instead of chasing

Embody the type of masculine presence that will attract smart, sexy, and radiant feminine partners to you wherever you are, or reignite the spark in your existing relationship.

Transform yourself from the inside out


Weekly instructional lessons, embodiment practices, inner reflections, and in the world challenges will guide you every step of the way, connecting you to yourself more deeply than you’ve ever been before.


Become a vision of integrated masculinity that impacts all around you, with your very being making the world a better place.


Feel total freedom and choice when relating to the feminine and create a deep, cosmic, and soulful relationship with the woman of your dreams.

16 Live Group Q&A Calls

Wednesday nights at 6:00pm pacific. Get the magic of support, accountability, challenge, and feedback from a tribe of men and master coaches Jason & Mel. Watch the replay if you can’t make a session live.

Two 1-on-1 Deep Dive Coaching Calls with each master coach

Get two private sessions with Melanie & Jason each to get support deepening your existing relationship or magnetizing the one you’re ready for. We will dive deep into parts of your life where you’ve been feeling stuck, set specific goals for the 16 weeks, and what illuminate any  shadows that might get in your way.  

Virtual Men's Group

Get lifetime access to twice a month virtual men’s groups with Jason.  Explore and get challenge and support on all areas of your life.


Get support, coaching, and feedback on EVERY step of your journey!

Jason Lange

Jason is a men’s embodiment coach, group facilitator, and evolutionary guide. He helps men drop in and wake up to deeper clarity in their life’s purpose and relationships. He believes every man should be in a men’s group for the growth and support opportunities they provide.

Jason applies an integral framework to all the work he offers, drawing on many disciplines and modalities to effectively serve. He has trained with John Wineland, Jun Po Roshi, Tripp Lanier, Ken Wilber, Brother David Steindl-Rast, and Robert Augustus Masters.

Melanie Curtin

Melanie is a sex researcher and men’s coach with a Master’s in Communication from Stanford University.

She is the host of the wildly popular men’s dating podcast, Dear Men.

She has been coaching men in dating and relationships for over 8 years, and specializes in bringing a woman’s perspective to men, so they can connect and succeed with women in fun, inviting, and meaningful ways that lead to fulfilling sex and relationships.

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What Men Are Saying

This program changed me completely. It's really hard to put into words in a way that is understandable. Really it was becoming more aware and present with myself first, then how I interact with women. They taught me to get out of my head and be more in my body and allow whatever happens to unfold naturally and with ease. Definitely takes work and practice. I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm way more confident in how I interact and approach women.

I feel WAY better prepared as I date and hopefully soon get into a relationship that turns into something substantial and meaningful. How to lead with vulnerability, how to breath and relax into a space with a woman. How to lead / not dominate in a caring masculine way.

I feel WAY better equipped to regulate my nervous system using healthy habits i.e. breathing, connecting with others or nature, or physical exercise. I'm much more in tune with my triggers and catch myself before my thoughts, beliefs and actions spiral out of control.

I would highly encourage you to take the jump and join this program.


Well I met a very attractive, confident woman organically as a result of the program that I've been seeing since then (a little on/off). I turned down another opportunity recently from an attractive woman and generally feel confident that I would have been well received had I been intentionally dating on apps or otherwise.

More importantly, I've been able to navigate challenging situations much healthier than I would have run into anyways, including persisting through shame spirals, dealing with awkward sexual situations, and exercising masculine leadership with the women I'm seeing as well as other situations where I led and closed off containers with a lot of integrity.

I can not recommend this program and community highly enough! As someone who hasn't really ever prioritized my own needs and happiness, no joke, this was the best investment I've ever made. You'll be with men going through the same challenges you are and will come out the other side as a much better version of yourself!


Before going through the program I found myself going for "safe" relationships and women that even though were wonderful in their own way...were not what I was looking for. The women I was really attracted to would not even go past the first date, or I would find the way to get caught up in my own head and screw it up somehow down the line. The work I did with Jason and Mel serves to figure out the underlying issues and self-limiting beliefs that keep telling ourselves how "you're not good enough, you don't deserve her, she's too much for you, why even bother, etc."

I can truly say that I've replaced the search of external validation from women to self-validation. I am much more aware of my value and capabilities, knowing what I bring to the table and the belief that I'm more than good enough. A change from the scarcity to an abundance mindset. This is very powerful stuff...and when it reaches critical mass it creates a cycle of self-confidence that's amazing and feeds off of itself. Going from basically begging for a girl's attention to having the confidence of just asking, and getting, what you want. I can feel women noticing my presence, I can give a girl an amazing time that ends in a make-out session in the first date, I can lead the way to how I want the relationship to go instead of just "hoping for the best". And more importantly, I am much more comfortable in my own skin and I'm VERY excited for what the future will bring.

I definitely recommend the pillars program for anybody who is looking for real purpose and direction, the tools needed for real self-love, and to live life with vulnerability, courage, and resilience.

Thanks again for everything!


I don't know where to begin. My journey through my recovery and growth has only been enhanced through the Pillars of Presence program. There is a magic that happens when men can be open and help each other grow. This program is a crucible for reflection and healing, and at the same time, pushes those that really engage and put the work in to new heights of self-growth and discovery. I never imagined where the journey would take me. All I knew is that I had been guided to Pillars. The goals and aspirations that I started the group with quickly fell by the wayside, only to be replaced by bigger, stronger, deeper, more passionate goals and aspirations. My life, and the lives of my family and others, will forever be changed because of the learnings I have taken away from the Pillars program.

I learned that what I wanted mattered. I learned that my desires are okay. I have given myself permission to change. I've found deeper connections with my wife. I've learned how to be present and intentional in my relationships. I've learned, with my wife by my side, I'm taking life and pounding it into the headboard!!

Thank you, Mel and Jason.


I feel I’ve become more open and humble about what I don't understand.

No matter what stage of life you’re in - married, single, dating, post-marriage, this group can help you. I really wish I’d known about it or had something similar when I was 25! Talk to Jason and you’ll see the passion he brings to making you a better man.


Taking the Pillars of Presence program revealed to me a whole new way of being and understanding the world. Mel’s insight into women has been invaluable and Jason’s calm demeanor and daily practices are worthy of being copied. If you are a man considering joining, just do it! If you want to learn and are open-minded, the program can change your life.


The Pillars of Presence program gave me the confidence to be myself, ask for what I want out of life, and not worry about what other people think of me. It gave me peace within and the tools needed to engage successfully with wonderful, desirable women and build relationships that are alive, vital, and rewarding. I see a life of abundance in women and life ahead and look forward to it. Each day I wake to a day overflowing with purpose and joyful possibilities. I was always blessed, but I didn't always know what to do about it. Now, I do.

To those considering joining:

"It's not what you pay. It's what you get for what you pay."

So, for the price of what you would pay for a divorce lawyer for a few hours, you can benefit from a proven program and join a community of men to help you with the next part of your life. A life where you get comfortable with yourself and start excelling with women, where you clarify what you want out of life and deal with what's holding you back, being supported by coaches who have personally helped hundreds of men get more out of life and love, and a community of men who have been where you are at and have advice on your path ahead.

Are you serious about getting what you want out of life? Then invest in it. Hundreds of men before you have done so with a better life and happier, more fulfilling, sex-filled relationships to show for it.


Before I began to work with Jason and Mel, I found myself completely baffled by the dates I went on with women. We would have a nice time and then they would invariably say how "great" I was but how they got more of a "friend vibe" from me. This was a lie, of course, because they had no interest in being friends. They were just nice people trying to avoid telling me that I was as sexually compelling as a walnut. Still in the shell.

So, you know, not sexually compelling at all.

I won't get into the weeds regarding what I did under Jason and Mel's guidance, but suffice it to say that women just don't seem to look past me anymore. It's not an ambiguous message when a bartender stares blatantly at me before I give her my order and then lets me know that she's seen me there before. And I've been catching women I've encountered just kind of looking at me before then shyly looking away. It even happened just yesterday when I was on an airport shuttle bus - three times. These are subtle cues to be sure, but, as you know, I used to be a walnut and didn't attract this kind of attention.

This testimonial doesn't end with me connecting with my one-and-only - yet. But it does end with me overcoming an embarrassing addiction to TV and movies, having the best month of income of my career, and overcoming an issue with my sexual presence that I had kept close to my chest for nearly 15 years. Ultimately, being in the Pillars of Presence program jump-started my life into something more powerful and meaningful that I knew I always wanted for myself but was never able to find. It helped me to finally show up in this life as a man."



I am now in a great relationship! We are both going deep with each other and still working on ourselves. I am still doing my morning practices and continuing to work on my life and relationship (a very healthy one this time!)


I had gotten to a point in my life where hidden, unwanted, non-verbal communications were part of my interactions with women. The program that Jason and Mel have put together has been able to expand my consciousness, reset my knowledge, and integrate valuable learnings into my dating life. I literally went from one-time only dates, to meaningful dating experiences with incredible women. I absolutely recommend this program to anyone that wants to make real changes in their dating life.


This course and group of guys has been a huge and critical part of my journey toward self improvement, self confidence and self respect.

I've felt a major change in how i show up with women, but more importantly, it's helped me find contentment in honoring myself. I wasn't seeking a woman, I was seeking validation through acceptance. More than anything this course has helped my perspective. Yes, learning how to breath, relax and be myself when interacting with women I'm interested in was a priority. But learning how to be at peace with myself regardless of anyone else's opinion or acceptance of me is where the real wins have been.

I can't thank Jason and Mel and the other guys in the course enough for their support, encouragement, perspective and motivation to be the best man i can be.

I deeply recommend this course to anyone struggling with relationships or self image.


Jason’s ‘Pillars of Presence’ program has profoundly impacted the way I live my daily life. The program has greatly increased my overall awareness about how I show up in various areas of my life - including work, my relationships and even my Self. I’ve sharpened my awareness around identifying sensations and emotions in my body that I previously would have ignored and can now learn from and appreciate those emotions so they don’t run my life. Not only have I become more present with my body, but I’ve also become more aware of the old patterns that have prevented me from becoming the best version of my Self.

Creating growth is at the core of ‘Pillars of Presence’ and not only is there growth on an individual level, but there is also growth in community, specifically with men. Prior to the program, I felt like I was always in competition with the men around me and that I had to do everything on my own. Following ‘Pillars of Presence’, I came to truly appreciate the necessity of having a supportive group of men to rely on for help as I continue to understand and love my Self as a masculine individual.

I am truly blessed to have gone through this program. ‘Pillars of Presence’ has opened the door for me to become a strong and passionate man that shows up in the world with a clearer sense of purpose and vitality to better not only my Self, but also the lives of those around me.


Jason knows what he’s doing. I started out skeptical that his program could make a difference in my life. And I have a very sensitive bullshit meter. But this program is completely sound, sane, and effective. It includes a powerful combination of ancient wisdom, modern insight, tuned in coaching, and support from others, making the process not only impactful, but pleasurable. Because I’d already done a lot of personal growth work, I wasn’t sure if Jason would have anything to add, but I’m very glad I gave it a shot. Part of what makes it work so well is Jason’s obvious integrity, commitment and presence. He inspired me to step up and add more meaning to my life while letting go of bad habits. If you commit to this program, good things will happen for you.


If you play full out, Pillars of Presence is an intense and rewarding experience. Be willing to invest time, sit in your discomfort, push through your own shit, and ultimately grow as man.

During the program I uncovered and learned a lot about myself. I learned some invaluable tools that are still helping me stay on course.

I felt humbled by the level of support I got from other men and honored by Jason's total commitment to helping me move and grow.


Before I joined the program, I was very much having trouble showing up fully when relating to people, both platonically and romantically. I would often be in my head, or just overall a bit tense. I had some ideas of what I wanted in life but I didn’t have as strong a direction as I would have liked, and my energy and groundedness were not at a level that was serving me in tackling my goals. I also often felt shame around my masculinity and about being a man.

The biggest transformation I feel is that I can say with full confidence I like being a man. While I’m still working through and processing things, I feel very good about my masculine energy and myself in general, and am able to bring more of my full self to things and not shrink. I am able to express boundaries and preferences with ease. I feel much more present and calm when relating to people. I’ve really come to value the morning practice as well and that has become a staple part of my morning routine. This program has also helped me connect more deeply to what is more important to me, really being conscious of how I want to show up in this world and how I want to use this life I have.

In relating to the feminine, as mentioned, I enjoy being a man, and it no longer feels like a burden to be a man having to pursue women. Now it feels like something to enjoy, and the differences in masculine and feminine energy are something to explore and play with. I am able to appreciate the attraction and just enjoy interactions without getting lost in my head. I feel much more comfortable with expressing my desires, and understand and appreciate the value of leading.

Interacting with other men was a very important part of this program for me. I really valued the sense of community, a place to relate and share with fellow men and discover that we share a lot of similar struggles. Also, the shared environment of success was very inspiring. Seeing my fellow men grow inspired me and fueled my own growth. Getting feedback and interacting vulnerably amongst men was also a great place of support.

Overall, I greatly appreciate having done this program! It has gotten me deeper into my body, deeper into my heart, and I feel as if I can express myself much more freely. When the word transformational was used to describe this program , I’ll admit I was somewhat skeptical at such a strong choice of word, but I can honestly say that it has been a transformational experience.


Being someone who has done a lot of growth work, I can honestly say this program is amazing! This is just what any man needs to take his life to the next level. Jason brings so much presence and warrior energy with so much of an authentic loving heart- the container here is really something special.

With a perfect blend of practice, challenge, and masculine and feminine feedback, Pillars of Presence bring a man just to that- being a pillar in his own life.

This program opened my eyes to things I could not see, and the men were such a great support. If there is any question as to what you want as a man, or if you have challenges with women, dating, purpose, or just being fully expressed and yourself in the world, this program is definitely for you. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it"