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Supporting masculine transformation, integration, and embodiment.

For men wanting to deepen their presence in the world, clarify their purpose, and/or more easily connect with their power.

Ways to work with me include men’s group, deep dive shadow weekends, and my signature virtual transformation for men wanting to deepen their relationships with women (and life) – Pillars of Presence.

About Jason Lange

Getting Past the First Date

Are you tired of: "I'm just not feeling it.." Or "You're a really nice guy but..." or even ____silence____ It can be time-consuming, expensive, and totally demoralizing to get stuck on the rollercoaster of first dates that lead nowhere.  Even worse is when it seems...

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Dear Men Podcast: The Day I Outgrew Pickup

Back on another episode of the Dear Men Podcast with my friend and coaching partner Melanie Curtin! I got introduced to this work in 2006 when The Game was released, and quickly found that it wasn't the right approach for me. However, the pickup artist scene (PUA) is...

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Your Desire is a Gift

One of the biggest struggles I see with many of the men I work with around dating & relationships is with their sexuality. Many of us nice guys have no desire to be "one of those guys" that's just out to get sex. As a result, we'll be uncomfortable with our...

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Five Reasons You Should Join a Men’s Group NOW

Having spent over 20 years in the world of personal growth and development, I've tried a lot of modalities and practices.  Of everything  I've done, being part of a Men's Group has been hands down the most impactful thing on my life.  So much so, that I truly believe...

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Commit First and Claim Your Life

The universe rewards decisiveness. Most men yearn to have a roadmap, plan, or clear path before moving forward in life, often epitomized by the belief I can't do X until I've figured out Y. This is a deadly belief that can keep us stuck for weeks, month, and even...

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