Experience the power of men’s work in person!

August 29th – September 2nd, Northern CA

6-Week Breakthrough Coaching Group

Intimate 4-man virtual coaching groups led by master men’s guide Jason Lange.

Two cohorts, 4 men each. Starts mid-July.

The Heart of Shadow

Face Your Dragons. Unleash Your Life Force.

A 9-week shadow work men’s group with Live Retreat.
October 7th – December 9th, 2024


Learn to lead in life and love, with head, heart, and guts!

Supporting masculine transformation, integration, and embodiment.

For men wanting to deepen their presence in the world, clarify their purpose, and/or more easily connect with their power. Ways to work with me include men’s groups, deep dive shadow weekends, and our signature virtual transformation for men wanting to deepen their relationships with women (and life) – Pillars of Presence.


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The Problems with Polarity

The Problems with Polarity

Having been swimming in the waters of polarity, sexual yoga, and erotic friction for a while now, I was happy to have a chat with Melanie Curtin on the Dear Men Podcast about some of the problems that can surface in this work. This episode has lots of feedback from clients we’ve worked with, plus our own take’s on some of the issues we frequently see or experience!

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Stepping Into Your Power as a Man

Stepping Into Your Power as a Man

In this episode of the Dear Men Podcast, Melanie Curtin and I chat about WTF it means for us to actually step into our power as men, how important that particularly is for nice guys, and share some huge wins from our clients demonstrated the shifts they’ve made.

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How to Awaken and Empower the Integral Man (Episode Highlights)

How to Awaken and Empower the Integral Man (Episode Highlights)

I recently joined my long time friend (and original men’s group buddy!) Keith Martin-Smith on Integrallife.com to discuss the challenges and ongoing evolution of masculinity. In the talk, we explore topics such as the impact of societal norms on men’s behavior, the importance of emotional literacy, and the journey from traditional to more integrated forms of masculinity,

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