Evolutionary Men

Supporting masculine transformation, integration, and embodiment.

For men wanting to deepen their presence in the world, clarify their purpose, and/or more easily connect with their power.

Ways to work with me include men’s group, deep dive shadow weekends, 1-on-1 coaching, and my signature virtual transformation for men wanting to deepen their relationships with women (and life) – Pillars of Presence.

About Jason Lange

Comfort rarely leads to satisfaction

We all have ways of comforting ourselves, strategies for self-soothing that give us some temporary relief from the burdens of our lives. These patterns, habits, and even addictions that help us discharge unwanted feelings that can often make us feel better in the...

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Screw Being Confident

"I want to be more confident." I hear that phrase a lot from men, both when it comes to dating and when it comes to their lives. It's a pervasive belief in our culture that confidence is what leads to greatness. I'm calling bullshit on that paradigm - it's time for us...

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