More than ever, men are being called to step more deeply into all aspects of their being.

Evolutionary Men

Supporting masculine transformation, integration, and embodiment.

For men wanting to deepen their presence in the world, clarify their purpose, and/or more easily connect with their power.

Ways to work with me include men’s group, deep dive shadow weekends, and our signature virtual transformation for men wanting to deepen their relationships with women (and life) – Pillars of Presence.


Your Guide: Jason Lange

Life is Better When You’re Surrounded By Kick-Ass Men

As 2018 winds down and I reflect on this year, the first word that pops into my head is "intense". This was the craziest, most rewarding, and most challenging year I've had so far. Launching myself head first into starting this community and work while also navigating...

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Men and purpose: what’s the deal? (Dear Men)

Back on the Dear Men podcast again! Mel and I chat about the massive amounts of energy and confusion that can be generated for us men when it comes to "finding our purpose". From the episode notes: The personal development world is obsessed with men being "on...

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Having Trouble Getting Over an Ex?

Moving on after a break up can be tough, especially these days where social media and instant communications make it so much harder to create real distance. It's even worse if you have overlapping friends, professional crossovers, or live in a small town or...

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Navigating Personal Space vs. Togetherness in Relationship

My co-coach Melanie Curtin and I are back on her podcast Dear Men to chat about the delicate balance of how much, and when, to take personal space when in relationship. Enjoy! From the episode description: Both men and women need alone time in a relationship, but how...

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Highway to the “Just Friends” Zone

Excited to share this fun parody video that breaks down how so many guys get stuck in the "just friends-zone". Created by Sex, Dating, and Relationship coach Melanie Curtin (who co-leads my...

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