Evolutionary Men

Supporting masculine transformation, integration, and embodiment.

For men wanting to deepen their presence in the world, clarify their purpose, and/or more easily connect with their power.

Ways to work with me include men’s group, deep dive shadow weekends, and my signature virtual transformation for men wanting to deepen their relationships with women (and life) – Pillars of Presence.

About Jason Lange

Freedom is Magnetic

How free do you feel in this moment? Are you available and appreciating what is? Or do you find yourself in tension and resistance, burdened by life and wishing things were different than they are? For us men, freedom is at the core of so much of what we value and...

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What I Learned From the Worst Date of My Life

“This must be how natural it is for normal people”, I thought cheerily, as Amy and I continued grooving to the rock-reggae sounds of the band we were seeing in Denver. We’d had a few drinks, and I was being bolder than my usual self, dancing close with her throughout...

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Are Dating Apps Worth It?

One frequent question I get from guys over and over is about dating apps, "Should I be using them?" The answer is simple - no.......and.......yes. The truth is, modern dating apps can be a HUGE time sink, and are setup to be incredibly addictive. Make no mistake, most...

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