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Before I began to work with Jason and Mel, I found myself completely baffled by the dates I went on with women. We would have a nice time and then they would invariably say how "great" I was but how they got more of a "friend vibe" from me. This was a lie, of course, because they had no interest in being friends. They were just nice people trying to avoid telling me that I was as sexually compelling as a walnut. Still in the shell.

So, you know, not sexually compelling at all.

I won't get into the weeds regarding what I did under Jason and Mel's guidance, but suffice it to say that women just don't seem to look past me anymore. It's not an ambiguous message when a bartender stares blatantly at me before I give her my order and then lets me know that she's seen me there before. And I've been catching women I've encountered just kind of looking at me before then shyly looking away. It even happened just yesterday when I was on an airport shuttle bus - three times. These are subtle cues to be sure, but, as you know, I used to be a walnut and didn't attract this kind of attention.

This testimonial doesn't end with me connecting with my one-and-only - yet. But it does end with me overcoming an embarrassing addiction to TV and movies, having the best month of income of my career, and overcoming an issue with my sexual presence that I had kept close to my chest for nearly 15 years. Ultimately, being in the Pillars of Presence program jump-started my life into something more powerful and meaningful that I knew I always wanted for myself but was never able to find. It helped me to finally show up in this life as a man."


I had gotten to a point in my life where hidden, unwanted, non-verbal communications were part of my interactions with women. The program that Jason and Mel have put together has been able to expand my consciousness, reset my knowledge, and integrate valuable learnings into my dating life. I literally went from one-time only dates, to meaningful dating experiences with incredible women. I absolutely recommend this program to anyone that wants to make real changes in their dating life.


Jason’s ‘Pillars of Presence’ program has profoundly impacted the way I live my daily life. The program has greatly increased my overall awareness about how I show up in various areas of my life - including work, my relationships and even my Self. I’ve sharpened my awareness around identifying sensations and emotions in my body that I previously would have ignored and can now learn from and appreciate those emotions so they don’t run my life. Not only have I become more present with my body, but I’ve also become more aware of the old patterns that have prevented me from becoming the best version of my Self.

Creating growth is at the core of ‘Pillars of Presence’ and not only is there growth on an individual level, but there is also growth in community, specifically with men. Prior to the program, I felt like I was always in competition with the men around me and that I had to do everything on my own. Following ‘Pillars of Presence’, I came to truly appreciate the necessity of having a supportive group of men to rely on for help as I continue to understand and love my Self as a masculine individual.

I am truly blessed to have gone through this program. ‘Pillars of Presence’ has opened the door for me to become a strong and passionate man that shows up in the world with a clearer sense of purpose and vitality to better not only my Self, but also the lives of those around me.


Jason knows what he’s doing. I started out skeptical that his program could make a difference in my life. And I have a very sensitive bullshit meter. But this program is completely sound, sane, and effective. It includes a powerful combination of ancient wisdom, modern insight, tuned in coaching, and support from others, making the process not only impactful, but pleasurable. Because I’d already done a lot of personal growth work, I wasn’t sure if Jason would have anything to add, but I’m very glad I gave it a shot. Part of what makes it work so well is Jason’s obvious integrity, commitment and presence. He inspired me to step up and add more meaning to my life while letting go of bad habits. If you commit to this program, good things will happen for you.


If you play full out, Pillars of Presence is an intense and rewarding experience. Be willing to invest time, sit in your discomfort, push through your own shit, and ultimately grow as man.

During the program I uncovered and learned a lot about myself. I learned some invaluable tools that are still helping me stay on course.

I felt humbled by the level of support I got from other men and honored by Jason's total commitment to helping me move and grow.


Being someone who has done a lot of growth work, I can honestly say this program is amazing! This is just what any man needs to take his life to the next level. Jason brings so much presence and warrior energy with so much of an authentic loving heart- the container here is really something special.

With a perfect blend of practice, challenge, and masculine and feminine feedback, Pillars of Presence bring a man just to that- being a pillar in his own life.

This program opened my eyes to things I could not see, and the men were such a great support. If there is any question as to what you want as a man, or if you have challenges with women, dating, purpose, or just being fully expressed and yourself in the world, this program is definitely for you. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it"