Start doing this simple thing to become more attractive and trustable

One of the quickest ways a man can completely shift how he’s showing up in the world is to learn to breathe. In fact, it can matter as much as the size of your wallet, the status of your job, the amount of hair on your head, or the shape of your abs; any of those things men typically claim women are most interested in.

The truth is, all of those EXTERNAL things are often just indicators of some important INTERNAL traits. When we’re healthy and doing meaningful work in the world, we feel powerful, grounded, and relaxed.

Those are the same things that happen when we learn to breathe deeply, slowly, and with our entire bodies.

Masculine energy is slower and more deliberate than feminine energy. The feminine IS motion and movement. The masculine is stillness.

Powerful, relaxed, and full breath slows us down and makes us more still.

The result? We’re more attractive AND more trustable.

Next time you go out in the world, run an experiment and NOTICE how still the men you come across are, and how trustable you find them.

You may be SHOCKED to find how many men are CONSTANTLY fidgeting, can’t make sustained eye contact, and only breath into their upper chests.

If you want to attract more high quality smart and sexy partners, and/or become more “solid and trustable” to anyone in your life, learn to BREATHE!

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