Improve Your Relationship with Sexy & Sacred Whining!

Do you ever wonder how exhilarating it would be for the woman in your life to be utterly candid to you, to feel truly treasured by you, and to desire you in the most passionate way imaginable? 

If your answer is yes, then you’re in for a treat with this conversation. 

Perhaps you’re already acquainted with the concept of polarity — that divine tango of the alpha and the omega. It’s an influential element that infiltrates our dating lives, sexual encounters, romantic relationships, and more, illuminating the often enigmatic nature of attraction. 

But there’s more to polarity. It also encapsulates the three stages of interpersonal connection. As we grow and evolve in relationships, we can ascend from stage 1 (where we’re shackled by strictly delineated roles), to stage 2 (where everything is verbally dissected), and finally to stage 3 — which is the focus of our discussion today. 

Stage 3 relationships are innovative, challenging conventional expectations. They are exhilarating, groundbreaking, and truly lived in.

Embracing this style of relating not only adds a touch of allure in relationships but also instills a strong sense of security, given one knows how to navigate it effectively. The reality is that most omega partners harbor a deep desire to express themselves authentically, and that’s precisely what stage 3 is all about. Your guidance can be the catalyst for her expression.

If you’ve been seeking avenues to guide your woman in unprecedented ways — to offer her a haven where she can let her guard down and connect with you on a profound, even spiritual level, then listen in to this latest episode of the Dear Men Podcast where I’m joined by Melanie Curtin AND my own wife Violet Lange.


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