Redefining Masculinity and Cultivating Authentic Male Connections

In this episode of The Social Athlete, host Casey Wright and I discuss the crisis of male loneliness and isolation. We talk about the challenges men face in understanding how to show up in the world, the confusion around masculinity, and the shifting expectations of men in society.

We explore the concept of toxic masculinity and the disconnect between what women say they want from men and what we, as men, actually experience. I emphasize the importance of us spending time together and talking to each other, as it can lead to transformations and deeper relationships. We also delve into the need for positive male role models and how we can find or create men’s groups to support one another.

Our conversation then turns to the impact of smartphones, social media, porn, and dating apps on relationships and dating.

We touch on the importance of relational fitness and how forming connections with others can lead to greater resiliency in life. I share my thoughts on the film “Moonlight” as a representation of modern masculinity and discuss the idea that passion often follows competence in a field, rather than the other way around.

The episode concludes with Casey and me discussing the importance of connection and how the decentralization of services through apps has led to a decline in the social fabric that once supported individuals. We agree on the need to cultivate relationships and build a strong support system.


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