Precarious Manhood and the Manbox

Evolutionary Men
Evolutionary Men
Precarious Manhood and the Manbox

In this episode, I discuss two important concepts related to men and masculinity: precarious manhood and the man box. The first refers to the sociocultural belief that manhood is a fragile status that needs to be constantly defended, while the latter is a societal construct that dictates norms and expectations for men. These concepts contribute to systemic issues that create many challenges for men. Replacing these implicit and unconscious expectations with more helpful ones is part of the work of the men’s work movement right now.

00:31 Understanding Precarious Manhood
01:52 Exploring the Tenets of Precarious Manhood
07:42 The Man Box: A Societal Construct
09:07 The Impact of the Man Box on Men’s Mental Health
11:56 The Role of Men’s Groups and Rituals in Breaking Free from the Man Box

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