Commit First and Claim Your Life

The universe rewards decisiveness.

Most men yearn to have a roadmap, plan, or clear path before moving forward in life, often epitomized by the belief I can’t do X until I’ve figured out Y. This is a deadly belief that can keep us stuck for weeks, month, and even YEARS of our lives, preventing us from making the significant changes that would most meaningfully impact us.

The truth is, no matter the shift, the time will almost never be right; we can ALWAYS find another thing to keep us in the perpetual loop of life happening to us, as opposed to us happening to life.

Waiting to take action in the world until we’re confident in the outcome won’t lead to an extraordinary life. Living extraordinarily requires living vulnerably; and living vulnerably means committing to what we want before we can guarantee the outcome.

You must claim what you want in life day by day and moment by moment.

I want deep and soulful romantic love.

I want to live in alignment with my purpose and meaningfully impact the world.

I’m ready to breakthrough the stuck areas of my life and live with vitality and presence.

The greatest shifts and breakthroughs I’ve seen in my own, and my client’s lives, always come from taking a leap of faith – stepping into the unknown with total commitment. If you don’t hold the vision for where you want your life to go, life will keep you on the hamster wheel to nowhere.

Take a moment right now, breathe deep into your belly, and go inside. Whether you call it intuition, grace, or knowing, there’s a message there waiting for you, a demand from your soul to claim something deeper in your life, be it around money, health, relationships, or your spiritual wellbeing.

Along with that demand, dozens of reasons probably bubble up as to why that thing can’t happen. Notice those reasons, and realize that they’ll ALWAYS be there in some fashion or another.

The paradox of the life is that the solutions to those obstacles will only reveal themselves when we COMMIT first, and claim the life we want.

It’s starts with your decision, right here and now, that something must change. Once you feel that, and hold it to be true in the core of your being, you will be sending a signal out to the universe; and when that commitment and claim are of true depth and congruency, trust me when I say, the universe will hear you.

If you’re ready to CLAIM your life, I have a few offerings that will help:

  1. A Shadow Breakthrough Weekend for Men coming up in Los Angeles.
  2. My Men’s Group Facilitator Training for men ready to step into leadership.
  3. For men wanting to have deeper relationships with women, the signature program I co-lead along with men’s dating coach Melanie Curtin called Pillars of Presence.


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