Use the Secret of Redwood Trees to Become a More Powerful Man

Redwood trees are a wonder of nature. They can live for 2,000 years, reach 20 feet in diameter, weigh between 50,000 to 4,000,000 pounds, have bark that can be a foot thick, and are the tallest trees on earth, some reaching 300 feet into the air! They are tanks that are nearly impervious to wildfires and insects that consume huge amounts of CO2 and are the foundation of incredible ecosystems that support incredible wildlife.

What most people don’t know is that these incredible trees, despite their immense height and weight, have root systems that only go 6 to 12 feet deep.

Take a moment to let that sink in. A tree hundreds of feet tall weighing over a million pounds that are anchored into the earth less than 20 feet down.

How can they possibly stay standing as such vast and silent sentinels of the west coast?

The answer to that question is one of the most important keys to becoming a vastly more powerful man.

The secret of the redwood tree is a simple but powerful one: they rely on each other.

Instead of just shooting their roots deep down into the earth, they extend them out wide and intertwine themselves with other redwoods. They link their roots to form a network, each tree standing strong in and of itself high above the earth while leaning into its neighboring trees under the earth.

With this setup, each tree added makes the others stronger. Not only that, as one tree dies its nutrients ARE ABSORBED into the network nourishing other trees. They are in a constant exchange of give-and-take throughout their lives, with the older trees passing along everything they were gifted to the new generation.

This strategy is EXACTLY what powerful modern men have figured out and are tapping into. The era of the “lone wolf” man is over.

The era of the male network has arrived.

The more connections you build with other strong and powerful men in your life, the more you will be able to withstand the storms of life.

Don’t settle for shallow male friendships. Cultivate deep relationships with other men that challenge you, support you, call you on your shit, and transmit to you their hard-earned wisdom.

When you surround and connect yourself to other strong men you will:

  • Become more trustable to everyone in your life
  • See your own bullshit FASTER and with more compassion
  • Make more money
  • Be held through the most challenging moments of your life
  • Attract more incredible intimate partners and hold more masculine presence in your relationships

The most powerful way to form a redwood like network of other men? Join or start a men’s group. I’ve worked with hundreds of guys at this point and this single thing has been the most impactful piece of changing their lives.

Ready to learn to lead in life and love and cultivate your masculine power and build your own amazing network of men? Join our tribe of men committed to living their purpose and creating the love lives of their dreams


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