The thing that hurts the masculine the most

Even when just playing for fun, the masculine always prefers to win over losing because let’s face it, it feels BETTER.

When things don’t go our way and something doesn’t work out, it stings, be it in work, relationships, or our health.

Those stings can stack up over time, and make us hesitant to get hurt again and change how we approach the future.

And that’s where most men make a HUGE mistake that lies at the root of the greatest suffering the masculine knows.

In short, we start playing it safe.

To avoid the sting of failure, we stop taking risks and make up excuses for not taking the kinds of bold and vulnerable actions that are almost always required for our best lives.

This is a huge miscalculation.

Losing, failing, getting rejected, these things absolutely hurt!

But they don’t hurt nearly as much as REGRET.

And that’s THE THING that causes the deepest suffering in the masculine heart.

If the 15 years I’ve spent with men in men’s group, coaching, and transformation have taught me anything it’s this:

It is NOT the times we failed, it’s the times we didn’t PLAY FULL OUT that haunt us men on our deathbeds.

It’s the woman we didn’t approach or share our desire with.

It’s the art we never made.

It’s the conversation with a loved one we never had.

It’s the purpose we never tried living.

Those regrets cause ENORMOUS suffering in men’s hearts that linger FOREVER.

The sting of failure passes in an instant in comparison.

Realizing this is one of the MOST important shifts you can make RIGHT NOW to radically change your life and make it easier to die a free and peaceful man.

Stop playing to win (which is OUTCOME dependent) and start focusing on PLAYING FULL OUT.

When we play FULL OUT, giving it our all and not holding ANYTHING back in an attempt to protect ourselves, everything changes.

There’s so much in the world you can’t EVER control that makes it impossible to always win/succeed and playing by those rules is disempowering.

Instead, when your compass is “did I play full out”, no matter what happens you can go to bed each and every night in peace, knowing that you did YOUR part.

Now ask yourself this question and be brutally honest, are you playing it safe to avoid the sting of failure? Or are you playing FULL OUT?

Are you ready to PLAY FULL OUT?

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