Loneliness can be as deadly as obesity

Despite all our advances in “technological connection”, there is an epidemic sweeping America: social isolation.

Research from the American Psychological Association from 2017 shows that “loneliness’ and a lack of sufficient social connection can be as deadly or not MORE deadly than smoking or being obese.

“There is robust evidence that social isolation and loneliness significantly increase risk for premature mortality, and the magnitude of the risk exceeds that of many leading health indicators…” 

We humans are WIRED for connection, and in fact every year we’re leaning more and more about how deep that wiring goes. Did you know you have a collection of nerves that go from the base of your brain down to the bottom of your spine, which when bundled together are called the Vagal Nerve?

The vagal nerve ties together our conscious thoughts with the automatic parts of our nervous system, and is DEEPLY impacted by face to face eye-contact, vocal pitch, and touch.

Without sufficient connection, our body can literally STARVE and go into a perpetual “stress” state which sustained over time can damage us and cause mortality rates to skyrocket.

Text messages aren’t enough, it takes FACE TO FACE contact to undo these stress states.

That contact can come from both our intimate relationships, and our friendships, and optimally BOTH!

Us men can exasperate things even more because of how culturally conditioned we are to “lone wolf” it through life, pushing ahead when we’re totally wiped out, trying to figure everything out for ourselves and just “hoping” our relationships will get better or improve themselves.

Here’s the bad news, they rarely do. So many of the issues that prevent us from getting into the intimate relationships we desire, actually STEM from traumas into our nervous systems from when we were kids that impact how we connect to both ourselves and to others. This stuff rarely just “fixes” itself, as it actually takes POSITIVE connection to heal wounds caused from lack of connection or from unhealthy connection.

Until the kinks are ironed out, we’ll keep playing out the same dynamics in intimate relationships (and friendships) that have been plaguing us all along.

I’ve spoken and worked with a lot of men have struggled for decades, and not until the last decades of their lives did they realize they needed help.

Working on your inner self and building solid connections in your life can literally add YEARS to your life. So don’t wait.

If you’re ready to join a tribe of other men that are supporting each other in connection as they “dive inside” themselves, heal their inner wounds, and learn to date and relate the amazing women of their dreams, REACH OUT for a free discovery call with me. We’ll chat about what’s not been working in your dating life so far, and what blocks might be in the way.



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