Purpose is a funnel

Men wanting to more deeply connect to masculine energy need to have a sense of their purpose, period.

When cultivating that directionality in life, it can become overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating to “not know” our purpose.

In particular, one problem that plagues so many of us men is “I make money doing X, but I really want to be doing Y”.

This split is so pervasive these days it nearly feels like an epidemic, and it’s time to relieve us all of the burden of purpose.

Another way to think of purpose as a direction is to imagine that it’s actually a FUNNEL.

IE, rather than being one specific THING we do, purpose is an direction of energy many activities can flow into.

What I love about this is it immediately “opens up” what is serving our purpose and what’s not.

When we’re spending our days doing X, but feel in our heart of heart we’re here on the planet to do Y, the pain can be excruciating, depressing, and overwhelming.

However, when shifting to purpose as a funnel, suddenly the question broadens from “I’m either DOING my purpose or not” to “does this flow into and SUPPORT my purpose”.

Having a “day job” to pay the bills suddenly isn’t “off purpose”, but a piece of a puzzle that flows into and SUPPORTS our purpose.

This is a road I’ve navigated for years. I guide men and make films, which are both part of my deep purpose here on the planet, but I also do video production and web development to help me pay the bills. The latter used to really get me down, as I was continually getting better at something that ultimately wasn’t my purpose. However, as I’ve shifted in the last years to feeling into the DIRECTION of my purpose, it’s LIGHTENING clear how that work supports me, my growth, and my many missions on this planet.

It goes beyond day job vs passions as well.

Daily habits and lifestyle choices also become much easier to SORT through in the context of purpose as a funnel. Does this flow into my purpose and move me in the right direction or pour energy into the system?

Your diet, sleep schedule, friend circle, workout routine, hell even the clothes you wear all either funnel into your purpose, or don’t.

Does going out and dropping $80 on at a bar on every saturday night and waking up hung over funnel into your purpose?

The truth is, there may be times IT DOES, as it provides the energy and socialization your system needs. But often times it may not, depleting you of precious resources you may need to write that song, practice that martial art, or move forward on that passion project.

Take some time after you read this to do a “life audit” and list out all the things you spend your time, money, and energy on.

Highlight the ones that funnel into your purpose as a man, and consider making some serious shifts around the ones that don’t.

As our purpose funnel lines up it accelerates, with each little piece of the puzzle brining it more power and energy.

If you’re working 40 hours a week for someone else, but that financial stability allows you to spend 2 hours a week deepening your art, starting a non profit, or paying for the next levels of training you’re yearning for, you can most definitely be “on purpose”.

So much is possible when you feel the flow of your funnel.

Struggling to know your purpose funnel and have a hunch it’s impacting your intimate relationships (or lack thereof). Then checkout my webinar and book a call with me so we can talk about where your lack of clarity around purpose may be impacting how you to relate to the feminine.


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