You are responsible for the type of women you attract

Here’s a hard truth some men aren’t going to like:

You are responsible for the type of women you attract.

Time and time again we get comments on ads, posts, and videos, about how “women just want guys with good looks or huge wallets”.

Or “all women are cheaters, gold diggers, and want to ruin men for their own gain”.

That’s all bullshit.

We attract our reciprocals, and there are many amazing, beautiful, and smart women looking for great men on this planet.

If you keep attracting shallow women there is a part of you seeking something shallow in women. YOU are not deep enough.

If you keep attracting women that need to be rescued, it’s because there’s a part of you that needs security.

If you keep attracting non-committal women, there’s something in you that isn’t ALL IN yet.

If you’re attracting women who you can’t trust, you damn well bet there’s a part of you that’s not trustable.

If you’re emotionally wounded, hold back your feelings, have a hard time trusting women, or are uncomfortable with your sexuality, you will FIND ALL OF THOSE THINGS reflected in the women you’re meeting – they’ll have their own versions of all of them.

Now you may kick and scream and call me names, but this is the truth.

There is a physics to attraction, and I’ve seen it TIME AND TIME again that when a man fully takes responsibility for how HE’S showing up in the world, and what’s going on with his energetics – the type of women that show up in his life will immediately change.

Denying or rejecting the reality of our responsibility usually just stems from fear, anger, and grief.

Taking responsibility for the type of partners we’re attracting usually means making some challenging shifts in how we’re showing up in the world – and those are shifts that many men don’t want to take.

Taking responsibility requires courage, bravery, and radical ownership of how we’re contributing to the dynamics we say we don’t want. Taking responsibility removes us from the triangle of victim, perpetrator, and rescuer.

Evolved masculine leadership ALWAYS starts with taking responsibility for how we’re showing up, and not blaming or deflecting.

If you want to attract more integrated, whole, deep, smart, and sexy women, you need to shift how you’re showing up. When you change, who you are attracting will change.

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