The Impact of Weed & Booze on Your Love Life

Weed and Booze are powerful substances used by a lot of men for both recreational and medicinal reasons. Listen in to this episode of the Dear Men Podcast where host Melanie Curtin and I discuss the impact unconscious medicinal use can have on the feminine and relationships when it doesn’t address the underlying problems.

From the episode description:

Ever wondered whether you have a normal or healthy relationship with weed, alcohol, or another substance? Here’s a related thing to consider: I’ve dated a number of men who used marijuana or alcohol to regulate (i.e. they were functioning alcoholics or weed addicts), and I was scared to tell them how it affected our relationship. It’s hard to tell someone you care about that their unresolved trauma and subsequent connection to a substance is a problem for you. Here, Jason and I get real about what it means to have a conversation about this, and what the feminine truly craves from the masculine around this. (Hint: it’s not perfection.)


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