Practice Structure to Attract the Feminine

Want to attract a radiant feminine partner?

Then you need to practice having clear and solid structure throughout your life.

Quite simply structure is form and it shows up in big and small ways in all aspects of your being.

The better the structures in your life, the more clear, deep, and powerful your consciousness will be which will polarize and attract meaningful feminine connection to you.

A roadmap to structure in your life

There are a few main areas you should consider when practicing structure in your life, use these as an audit of sorts to get real about where you need to tighten things up in your world.

1) Your Internal World

First and foremost, structure starts inside. How clear and coherent is your thinking? Your awareness of yourself? With what kind of intentions do you move throughout your day and life?

Many of us get sloppy with our thinking and sloppy with our attention. Negative thought loops, self-limiting beliefs, getting easily distracted, and avoiding truly sitting in stillness with ourselves is incredibly common.

You can bring structure to your inner landscape by spending time in stillness, quiet, and without distraction. Be vigilant with what types of thoughts and stories you allow to play through your head, and learn to move through your day with INTENTION instead of just being in reaction. Get clear about who you are and what you’re here to do as a man. Learn to speak slowly and with less words for more impact. Know what you’re feeling and how to express it in any given moment.

2) Your Relationships

Bring good structure to your relationships by practicing integrity. Do what you say you’ll do, and say what you’ll do. I see this one a LOT with guys I work with, they struggle to keep up basic commitments to themselves or others, waffling back and forth. If you can’t hold true to your word, you can absolutely believe women (and other men) aren’t going to trust you.

Don’t be late, when you make firm plans with someone, get your ass there on time as a sign of respect to yourself, and those you are with.

Practice making the implicit EXPLICIT in all of your relationships. Take the time to have the conversations that may seem obvious about the context of your relationships, and what’s really happening in them. Weed out and let go of relationships that don’t really serve you, don’t settle, and be willing to talk about challenging things.

This one is a lot easier to do when you’ve spent the time to get clear with . If you don’t know who you are as a man and have a firm sense of yourself, it’s going to be hard to show up in integrity in relationship.

Learn to lead with vulnerability and be straight and up front with your needs, wants, and desires.

3) Your Body

First and foremost, learn how to stand. You might be SHOCKED how deeply your state of being can be transformed by learning to stand and present in the world with good structure. Don’t slouch, root into the earth, lengthen your spine, and make sustained eye contact when talking to others. You want to be relaxed and alert, not slouching, fidgeting, or collapsing into softness. Your posture alone can completely transform how a women experiences you. Some may even internally cringe at your appearance.

Be mindful of your appearance. Trim your fingernails, clip your nose hair, and wear nice shoes! Be meticulous in how you present.

Treat your body well. Your consciousness is deeply impacted by the body it is being carried in. Be mindful of what you eat and drink; fast food, sugar, carbs, booze – they will alter the form your consciousness takes, dulling your presence and making you soft.

Workout, get sleep, and learn to take care of yourself. If you can’t take care of your own vessel, how’s she going to trust you to take care of hers?

4) Your environment and systems

If you live in a disorganized space, you will carry that energy with you everywhere you go. Do your best to keep your space sacred, organized, and clean. Get rid of what you don’t need, and make your space somewhere that feels good to live in.

Put systems in place that facilitate living a meaningful life. Join a men’s group, hire a coach or mentor to challenge you, and consistently make meaningful progress towards something you give a shit about.

Use your time wisely, and be conscious of how much you balance creating vs consuming in your life. A man who creates is inspiring, a man who only consumes is boring.

Take responsibility and stop complaining or pretending you’re a victim. Create a system and structure for change and enroll others into it to hold you accountable to making it happen.

Structure takes work and discipline, but when you’ve nailed it in all areas of your life you will breathe deeper and bring a sense of relaxation to all those around you

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