Information is not Transformation

We’re living in an INCREDIBLE time where we have access to all of human knowledge in a tiny device we can carry with us wherever we go.

But the truth is, sometimes it’s a TRAP.

It’s a journey I walked myself, amassing a huge collection of books, pdfs, courses, podcasts, audio programs, you name it I had it when it came to relationships, personal growth, and development. I’ll just read this book, do this process, listen to this interview, learn about this modality….etc etc.

And yet when I was in the peak of this madness, my life still wasn’t changing in the ways I was longing for.

Here’s the deal, our great GIFT and SHADOW as men is our ability to dissociate from our bodies into our heads.

To just push through when we’re suffering and not feel.

When that is combined with the information overload of the current moment, it’s unbelievably easy to get totally trapped in an endless cycle of learning.

Cognitive learning is a crucial first step but it is NOT enough for true growth and change.

Instead of continually getting sucked into an ENDLESS stream of information, true shifts require actual transformation.

What’s the use of learning a new theory or listening to an audio book if you’re not actually putting it into practice in your life?

This is where having a coach, or the structure of a program can become SO key. In all my years of growing myself, and now helping others do the same, I’ve found that almost ALL real growth and transformation happens RELATIONALLY, IE, it happens when we’re IN RELATIONSHIP with others.

This can be a men’s group, coach, therapist, accountability pod, or mastermind. Whatever the structure, it supports us moving OUT of endless information gathering and INTO actual practice, integration, and embodiment. Quite literally bringing our new knowledge down out of our heads and into our bodies, so we’re living and breathing a new reality.

If you want to change your life, you have to change how you’re living! Taking risks, making vulnerable choices, messing up, growing, etc.

Reading about masculinity or how to connect with women (even on this blog!) isn’t ENOUGH! You must actually spend time with men that have the DEPTH you seek, and spend time getting out there in the world engaging with the feminine in different ways than you have before.

Most of you do NOT need more information, you need transformation – actually embodying new ways of being as you move through the world.

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