All women “______” is just an excuse

All women only care about how big your bank account is.

All women only want hyper successful men.

All women will leave you as soon as someone better comes along.

All women want to control their men.

All women want a man who is an asshole.

All women want men who look like Brad Pitt.

Whenever I hear men speak or write phrases like this, I know something is up. These types of hasty generalizations are often the result of a man being deeply hurt in a previous interaction that is now working hard to protect himself.

The truth is, they’re just excuses. Ways to justify that the problem is out “there”, and nothing something we as men have any control over.

If you’re a man that believes any of the above in any way, shape, or form, I’ve got some bad news for you:

If these are the beliefs you walk through world with, these are the type of women you will meet in your life.

When you begin to let go of such shallow conceptions YOURSELF, you will begin to meet more and more women who are NOT in it just for the money, looks, or to control.

Your change has to begin from the inside out, and the deeper you drop into your integrity, the more you’ll attract women of the same caliber.

Some of you men reading this might already have a “bullshit” alarm going off in your mind. “I’ve been dating for 20 years and this is ALL that’s ever happened to me”.

Again, that’s just an excuse and a way to protect yourself. There are women ALL over the country that want a man that has integrity, purpose, and presence, the deeper attributes at the root of all the so called “shallow desires”.

My wife works with women all across the planet, and I’ve led over a hundred co-ed events myself and let me tell you, women are DIEING for conscious, open hearted, powerful men.

In fact, at this point in our western culture, there are WAY more conscious women than there are conscious men. It’s something I hear from women OVER and OVER again, and a legitimate partial truth. Women have been growing, evolving, and changing rapidly since the sixties, and us men are just catching up and really only beginning our inward journey.

So stop making the generalizations and excuses. Stop protecting yourself and start taking responsibility for the women you’re attracting in your life.

It all starts with you shifting your internal beliefs. Deepen your connection to yourself on the inside, and you will absolutely change who you’re attracting on the outside. I’ve seen it work with DOZENS of men at this point.

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