What many MEN get wrong these days when trying to attract smart and sexy women

I’ve talked with and trained hundreds of men all across the country, and there’s one massive thing I’ve noticed that a LOT of men are getting wrong.

Part of the struggles for modern men is that so many of us were raised to DO THE ROLE of masculinity and think that would be enough.

Culture for so long told us as long as we fulfilled the old ROLES of the masculine, that would be enough.

For so long, it was enough for us to simply PROVIDE and PROTECT our partners and family. Be it earning money, building a home, running a farm, as long as we could provide and protect our partners and family, we could rest assured we’d be successful in relationship.

Well the bad news is things have changed when it comes to attracted and keeping a smart and sexy woman into your life.

Women and the feminine have been evolving, growing, and transforming over the last 70 years and frankly don’t need men to do those “things” so much anymore. They can provide for themselves, and here in the west need us less than ever to “protect” them from physical harm and danger.

Time and time again I’ve talked to guys coming out the other side of a relationship that are shocked and confused when their partner suddenly tells them “I never loved you”, “I just stayed for the kids”, or “I haven’t felt connected to you in years”.

It can be crushing because in terms of fulfilling our traditional ROLE, we were probably doing a good job.

Things have CHANGED, and it’s no longer enough to just “provide and protect”. Modern woman need more from you than that.

They also need you to FEEL and FREE them.

They need to FEEL you, physically, emotionally, and spiritually with them. You can’t just be a task completing robot that shows up and does things. You must learn to be present so completely that you can drop into total attention with your partner, sensing her from her inside out.

Then not only that, once you’ve FELT her and what’s happening at the deepest level in any moment, you must consciously use your presence to FREE her.

I don’t mean free her in the pejorative sense, she’s a grown ass woman that can take care of herself. I mean free her in the loving sense by grounding her into the moment and allowing her to relax, feel safe, and truly be herself. You must free her HEART as so many woman have been hurt so many times by so many men they have to walk around on guard protecting themselves.

The masculine gift is FREEDOM, and that can only come when we’re truly anchored and feeling into what would most liberate each and every given moment.

AND…it takes training and practice. A training and practice that most men don’t even know how to start.

Are you ready to begin your training and learn how to FEEL and FREE the feminine and step into being a modern evolutionary man? Then checkout my FREE masterclass for men and book a call with me so we can talk about your challenges in relationship and how to shift from being a masculine role to a masculine SOUL.


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