What Does James Bond Have That All Women Want?

Right off the bat you probably think of all the cliche stuff: He’s super handsome, he’s really fit, he has access to cool gizmos, he has this amazing life and death super cool job!

That’s all kind of true but there’s something deeper that pervades all those things and actually makes him who he is. and it’s the reason his character is an archetype in our modern day and age. What James Bond embodies more than anything else is presence.

What I mean by that is what makes him amazing (and what makes a lot of our action heroes and heroes in general amazing) is that there’s no situation that he can go into that he loses his cool. He’s always connected to himself, just dealing with what’s happening in the moment and always aware of everything around him.

That presence, his state of being totally alert and tuned in to both himself and the environment / what’s happening – that’s what makes him who he is! He’s unflappable. He’s unmovable. He’s unshockable. He can walk into the craziest situation and he doesn’t lose his cool. He just figures it out and he’s there the whole time.

That is presence, and that’s something that women actually really want more than anything else. It’s not about money, it’s not about looks, it’s not about what you do! All that helps but underneath that what women want is a man who’s fully present in the moment and who is not gonna freak out when something goes wrong, be it emotionally in the context of the relationship or in the larger environment of the world and life.

So as men, one of the greatest things we can do is learn to cultivate presence, and that really starts with just getting into our bodies. So men, you need to get into your bodies and you need to get present.

How can you be more James Bond in your life?

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