Having Trouble Getting Over an Ex?

Moving on after a break up can be tough, especially these days where social media and instant communications make it so much harder to create real distance. It’s even worse if you have overlapping friends, professional crossovers, or live in a small town or neighborhood where you’re bound to cross paths again. Whatever the trigger may be, it’s easy to get stuck in repetitive loops thinking about an ex and what could have been or obsessing about where things went wrong.

On top of that, as we begin dating again “grass is always greener” syndrome can kick in, and suddenly in hindsight everything we remember is tinted in rose colored glass and it can feel like we’ll never find someone that special again, or who we feel that connected to, etc.

It can be exhausting, depressing, and sometimes plain frustrating when we get stuck in an ex loop and can’t find our way out. Days, week, sometimes months can go where our time and energy is utterly consumed by our previous partner.

That’s why it is SO crucial when getting over an ex to have a structured place to put your attention that reorients your focus BACK ONTO YOU.

Instead of forcing yourself to not think about your ex, it’s so much more effective to have something more meaningful consume your attention and energy. The energetics of this are so crucially important, because the more and more your attention and energy move away from your ex and back to you and what you’re now focusing on, the faster the energetic hooks between you will dissolve.

And the faster those hooks dissolve, the sooner you’ll actually become more available again to new partnership in the moment. So many men don’t fully implement this step, and dive back out into the dating world before they’ve fully cleared their attachments to their ex’s. This can have a very real cost, as new partners we’re dating will intuitively feel that a piece of you still isn’t in the here and now fully available.

If you want to get WHAT types of things you can immediately shift your attention towards to get over an ex fast, schedule a FREE discovery session with me today. We’ll dig into where you might still be hooked, what you want to move towards, and where you can turn your attention to, including the powerful dating transformation program I run for men.



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