Evolving as a Man

Excited to join the amazing Ernie Welsh and Trey Kauffman on their podcast The Mosaic Life. We cover a LOT of ground all focused on how men evolve. These are two amazing human beings doing some very kickass work in the midwest. Please subscribe to their podcast at http://OneMosaic.life.

Timestamps from their show notes:

00:08:07 Introducing Jason Lange
00:11:41 Jason’s New Life with a Child
00:12:26 Growing Up Without Intimacy
00:15:10 Working with Men in Masculinity & Femininity
00:19:28 Breaking Free from Analysis Paralysis
00:21:06 Cultivating a Deeper Presence
00:23:03 Interpersonal Work
00:25:48 Men Identifying with Their Feminine Side
00:28:25 Embodiment & Presence with Other Human Beings
00:30:41 Pillars of Presence
00:32:34 Helping Others to Be Open & Free
00:38:11 Opening to Expressing Desire to Find Inner Peace
00:41:07 Push Back from Men’s Only Groups?
00:43:06 Deepening
00:48:34 Evolutionary Development
00:51:26 Talking to the Person You Desire
00:55:45 Leading with Vulnerability


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