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Five Shifts for Creating Meaningful Connections with Women

(without getting stuck in the friend-zone)

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This masterclass will reveal…

  • A proven road map for having more profound relationships with women and LIFE without getting stuck in the friend-zone
  • The real reason why focusing on “confidence” can ruin attraction and what my clients do instead
  • The secret to taking charge on a date in a way that she’ll be utterly excited about
  • The “Game Changing” revelation of what women (and the world) truly want from men
  • The unique way men transform and grow together because of our evolutionary history
  • AND…how to do this all while celebrating integrity and without having to be a macho jerk or use cheesy pickup techniques
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Jason is the founder of Evolutionary Men. He helps men tap into their integrated masculinity to have more powerful lives and deeper connections with women. He transformed his life from being a late-blooming nice guy to marrying the radiant goddess of his dreams.

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