Part of polarity is difference. As the feminine is ALWAYS changing, the energy of life and movement itself, it is attracted to that which doesn’t change: steady presence, grounded, solid.

On the flip, the masculine is attracted to that which changes! It is attracted to RANGE. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. You could have the perfect relationship as a man, and still be attracted to tons of other women.

One of the things you can look for in a feminine partner, is what types of feminine energy can she express through her body? All of us men usually “crave” certain types of feminine energy. Violet walks us through one way of discovering what types of feminine energy you are drawn to.

These come from Sheila Kelley, the founder of S Factor:

Light Erotic Archetypes
  • Innocent Teaser — innocence, curiosity, surprise, teasing
  • Joyful Playmate — joy, happiness, playfulness, sparkle, cheerleader
  • Blissful Pleaser — love, warmth, radiance, nurturing, devotion
  • Champion — endurance, commitment, advocacy, grit, earthy
  • Lustful Lover — pleasure, sensuality, lust, savoring, hedonistic
Dark Erotic Archetypes
  • Dangerous Challenger — anger, danger, rage, fire, femme fatale
  • Deep Soulful Siren — sorrow, sadness, despair, neediness, “Black” by Pearl Jam
  • Shy Reluctant Enigma — fear, shyness, mystery, ephemeral, wavering
  • Ice Queen — disgust, arrogance, elegance, cool, sleek
  • Naughty Provocateur — naughty, rebellious, highly sexual, provoking
Pairings on the Spectrum of Light to Dark

Innocent Teaser — Naughty Provocateur
Joyful Playmate — Shy Reluctant Enigma
Blissful Pleaser — Deep Soulful Siren
Champion — Dangerous Challenger
Lustful Lover — Ice Queen