The Somatic Secret to Dating & Attraction

One massive frustration and pain I often hear from guys that chat with me is that they just don't get it- they tell me they're solid guys in good enough shape with stable jobs - and yet they just can't seem to attract the women they really want. Usually it's not until...

The Shame I Battled as a Virgin

This one’s personal, as I share on Dear Men about my experience as a late-bloomer / virgin, and the intense shame and fear I carried around as a result. It was something I didn’t share with my closest friends, and the anxiety only spiraled deeper the older I got. With each passing year, my fear of how a partner responded only deepened, and I was afraid my inexperience would scare potential sexual partners off.

Listen in to learn how I moved through the experience and what I WISH had known then.

The Power of Men’s Groups, Polarity, and the Evolution of Consciousness with Mark Van der Gaag

You’ve probably heard the little bumper sticker phrase that every crisis is also an opportunity. Like so much, our perspective often dictates what meaning we ascribe to our experiences.

Mark Van der Gaag recently sat down to chat with me during his Life Shift Summit to talk about many of the opportunities men are facing in these wild times. We cover a lot of ground, including masculine/feminine polarity, men’s group + men’s work, and how our consciousness continues to evolve well past adulthood.

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