Get Into Your Body & Connect as Men – Men on Purpose Podcast

Excited to share this short and powerful conversation I had with Emerald GreenForest of the Men on Purpose podcast about the power of men’s work, men’s groups, and being a modern man.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The impact of growing up with little emotional or physical connection
  • How participating in a men’s group helped Jason discover his purpose
  • The danger around our cultural conditioning to Lone Wolf it through life
  • The opportunity men’s groups afford us to access what we’re feeling
  • How physical touch serves as a route to emotional release
  • How to help your sons access their emotional intelligence
    • Model how to hug and connect on deeper level
    • Be willing to go first in sharing emotional experience
  • How Jason thinks about homophobia and our fear of sexual energy
  • The power in owning what you feel and asking for help as necessary
  • How embodiment made it much easier for Jason to relate to women


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